The ADM840 Mobile Data Terminal has been discontinued.

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KTrac -AVL Mapping Software
  • Provide an overview of your entire fleet
  • Show vehicle unit number as an icon on the screen
  • Mouse driven scaling and panning system
  • Programmable vehicle refresh rate based on time and/or distance
  • Auto scale screen to show all your vehicles at the touch of a button
  • Locate a specific vehicle and center the screen on its position
  • Track a specific vehicle and automatically keep the screen on that vehicle

KTrac Automatic Vehicle Location Software is easy to use and offers many user configurable features. KTrac is an easy to install Windows 2K, and XP program.

KTrac comes in both an ESRI or Undertow map engine and data.

HandyMAN - Service CAD Software
  • Create work orders including Customer Contact Info, Bill To, Service Type and Appointment Time window
  • Dispatch work-orders to specified vehicles and track time/date of MDT reception of worker order, acceptance by driver (when read), arrival at site, and work completion
  • View status of all current work orders, both dispatched and pending jobs
  • Send canned or free form text messages to vehicles (up to 250 characters in length)
  • Send broadcast (bulletin board) messages to all units (up to 1000 characters, i.e. traffic advisories, inclement weather alerts, company notices, etc.)


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KRICM (Motorola Radio Interface Cable Schematic)

Motorola CM200 Programming Information

KDT5000 and ADM840 parts